Welcome to the Family Therapists South

Family therapists Syd AB conduct family counseling, psychotherapy, education and supervision. We describe our activities as holistic and eclectic. We assume that all people want well and be needed.

We are represented in California, England, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. We offer both online and IRL psychotherapy, party therapy and family counseling in Morgan Hill, CA, London, Fuengirola, Copenhagen, Malmö, Landskrona, Höganäs, Helsingborg, Höllviken, Växjö, Linköping and Gothenburg. We cooperate with Själbodgatans Psykoterapimottagning AB in Skåne, Kronoberg, Östra and Västra Götaland County.

We work on behalf of the Region Skåne with Health Care Psychotherapy in Hälsoval Skåne and apply to you who are listed at a health center in Skåne. As of January 1, 2015, other counselors may also be remitted to us. Talk to your primary care physician about the possibility for you to join us via a referral.

We offer party therapy, family therapy, group therapy and individual psychotherapy using the methods ISTDP, PDT, IPT, KBT, ACT, CBT, IBCT, EFT.

We offer treatment by a licensed Physical Therapist and Registered Occupational Therapist in Malmö. Mindfulness and Medical Yoga in Group, we offer our clients as a complement to treatment.

We work on behalf of Höganäs municipality with family counseling. You can book via timecenter.se or via mail, phone to us.

We handle and educate in those areas where interpersonal relationships play a major part in resolving conflicts and developing as an individual / group.

We offer Internet-based Psychotherapy, Skypeterapi & Telefonrådgivning, which can be booked through the expedition or our booking page timecenter.se

We speak Swedish, Russian, Arabic, English, Icelandic and Danish. Interpretation if necessary.

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